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    At Suburbia North Animal Hospital we strive to work with experienced & inexperienced canine breeders to provide quality care for their breeding programs.


    Price sheet information is available on our home page under clinic forms.


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  • Our Canine Reproduction Policies

    1.       All clients and all patients MUST have a breeding consultation every time they come in to begin a new breeding cycle to discuss their new breeding plan with the doctor.  There is a breeding consultation form that we require on each first visit.


    2.       Vaccines are required for all patients who are being boarded in our kennel during their breeding cycle.


    3.       All C-sections MUST be scheduled in advance, and we require a pre c-section exam the week before the females due date in order to schedule the C-section and go over our on call information.


    4.       Please be aware that no client is allowed in surgery during the csection.  This is for the safety of the mother dog and puppies as well as for sterility reasons.  After all the puppies have arrived and have had their weights logged and umbilicals tied off by a veterinary technician, we will come get you from the lobby and place you in an exam room with your puppies. 


    5.       We provide on call csections for clients who have done either the progesterone testing or the breeding itself with our clinic by paying a deposit.


    6.       A deposit of $150 is required to schedule csection to guarantee appointment. Deposit is refundable at the time of surgery and will be applied to the final bill. 


    7.       Any cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Voicemails may be left on the clinic answering machine or messages can be e-mailed to Failure to reschedule or cancel WILL lead to a loss of deposit.


    8.       For the safety of our clients and staff, we have made the decision to refer our over-night emergency c-sections (that we are “on call” for) to hospitals that are open with a full night-time staff depending on what time it is.  The emergency phone will not be answered after 8pm nor before 5am.


    9.       If your pet needs an emergency C-Section and we at Suburbia North Animal Hospital cannot be reached, please proceed to the Emergency Room of your preference.  Please be sure to find an Emergency Hospital that does not require the patient to be spayed.


    10.   Please research how to care of puppies and pregnant dogs.  We can provide as much info as we can, but it is up to you to take the responsibility to ensure that your breeding program thrives!

  • Breeding Soundness Evaluations

    BRUCELLOSIS TESTING - Brucellosis is an important venereal disease in many species. It does not usually come up in pet ownership because most pet dogs are not used for breeding. Once someone has decided to breed their dog, though, it behooves them to know all about this disease, particularly since it can be transmitted to humans and other pets.  If you are planning to breed your dog, test your dog and insist that the owner of your dogs mate produce results of a recent test for your inspection.  Results take 2-3 days.

    GENETIC DNA TESTING  - We can collect the samples needed for genetic dna testing.  Test kits must be purchased from OFA.  Follow the link to find the appropriate test kit.   

    OFA HIP/ELBOW RADIOGRAPHS: We perform xrays for evaluation by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals while under sedation.


    OFA PATELLA EXAMS: Our doctors can perform patella exams and send evaluations to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.


    OFA THYROID TEST: Exam and serum sample performed by our doctors and sent to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.


  • Canine Breeding Services

    ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION - An artificial insemination is where a catheter is placed into the females cervix and fresh or chilled semen is injected.  We suggest timing your female with a progesterone test to make sure she is bred on the appropriate date.



    Chilled Semen: We use EXODUS BREEDERS CO. extenders and techniques for shipping chilled semen.  We do not fill out shipping labels. Client MUST handle the shipping of semen box themselves by taking it to a local shipping store.

    Frozen Semen: Liquid nitrogen shippers are available for rent for shipping frozen semen.  In order for us to ship frozen semen that is already stored with our clinic we need 24-48 hour notice in order to get the tank ready.

    NOTE: We DO NOT ship semen over seas without assistance from a 3rd party company!  We require that you contact Sirius Canine Fertility & Exports first to get assistance on what the specific country you are shipping to requires and they will handle the schedule of when is best to collect, what testing is needed and paperwork and fees.  

    Sirius Exports - 530-273-9123 OR

    Sires on Ice -  801-987-3639 OR OR


    CANINE SEMEN FREEZING AND STORAGE - We are an AKC approved hospital for freezing and storage of canine semen.  We require a copy of the dogs registration papers, DNA papers, Brucellosis results, Microchip/Tattoo for identification, and 2 forms from Suburbia North Animal Hospital that will be for our records.  

    Scroll to the bottom of this page for our FAQ's on freezing semen.


    PROGESTERONE TIMING - We offer Progesterone tests for breeding.  Our progesterone test samples are run IN HOUSE using our IDEXX Laboratory machine.  Test results take roughly 30 minutes or less to run and we can either have you wait for your result or call you.


    SURGICAL IMPLANT - A Surgical Implant involves putting the female dog under anesthesia and the fresh, chilled, or frozen semen is placed directly into the uterus.  We always recommend performing progesterone tests on your female before breeding her to make sure that she is ready to breed.


    SEMEN EVALUATION & COUNT - A semen evaluation can be performed prior to collection or breeding and we also have a machine that will count the semen as well.

    Prices for these services are in our Reproduction Info and Prices form under CLINIC FORMS.

  • Pregnancy Services



    Xrays can be performed when the female is 55 days into pregnancy.  This assures for an accurate count of fetal heads and spines.



    Ultrasounds can be performed when the female is 31 days into pregnancy.


    SCHEDULED C-SECTION - Cesarean sections are scheduled in advance for breedings that we have performed. Owners are asked to keep in touch 1 week prior to c-section or whelping date by calling in daily with updates.  Please refer to top of page for policies.

  • FAQ's about Freezing Semen

    We are proud to be an AKC approved Freezing Center.  Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding canine semen freezing:

    1)   Why should I freeze my dog’s Semen?

    Long Term Storage: To ensure breeding availability for future generations, you should have his semen frozen if your stud has qualities which are valuable.

    For Breeding When the Stud is Not Available: Live breeding can be limited by the stud’s show or trial schedule, overbooking for the stud’s service or other scheduling conflicts.  The use of frozen semen allows availability during the bitch’s fertile time.

    Long-Distance and International Breeding: Long-distance breedings may be accomplished using semen which has been either fresh-extended or frozen and eliminates the need to transport the bitch or stud dog.

    2)  How is Semen collected?

    Semen is collected from the stud dog by manual stimulation; the different parts or fractions of the ejaculation are collected separately, so that good quality sperm-rich semen is frozen and stored. In general, semen of better quality with higher sperm count is collected when the dog’s libido is high.  Therefore, try to closely approximate a typical breeding situation for each stud: owners are encouraged to provide a bitch in season to use as a “teaser”.  In addition, if the dog associates a particular item with breeding, such as a rug, table, breeding rack, etc., that item should be brought to the collections.

    3)  What kind of paper work is needed to collect my stud?   

    • A copy of the stud’s individual registration papers.
    • Positive identification such as a tattoo or microchip.
    • Completed Semen Freeze Agreement which can be emailed to you.
    • Completed Semen Freeze Authorization which can be emailed to you.
    • A copy of the DNA Profile for your dog (which is required by AKC).  If you do not have a DNA Profile on your dog, we will submit a cheek swab sample to the AKC.
    • A copy of a negative Brucellosis test.  If your stud has not had a Brucellosis test performed then we can have the test performed the same day as the collect and freeze.  This test is a MUST in order for your males semen to be stored in our liquid nitrogen tanks.

    4)  What does it cost to freeze semen?

    Semen freezing is a multi-step process utilizing a variety of equipment and materials.  Please see our Reproduction price sheet in the forms section of our website for detailed information.

    5)  How do I set up an appointment for Semen Freezing?

    Once you have reviewed the information, please call us at 281-443-2362 or email us at to set up an appointment.  The receptionist will take your information and our manager Jenny will return your call.  She will then discuss the process and set up the appointment with you.  We are only able to do collect and freezing on certain days so we suggest you schedule far in advance.  Dr. McGuire is our only vet that is able to perform this and she fills up quickly and can only manage at least 1- 2 freezes a day.  The collection part is easy it is the freezing that is very long and tedious.

    Scheduled freezes that do not show up will not be allowed to schedule again.  Also, if your dog is unable to be collected or his semen is not viable and cannot be frozen there is still a charge for time and supplies used which is $150.

  • Ashscot Westies

    Ashscot West Highland White Terriers

    Kay McGuire, DVM, Bebe Pinter, & Linda Wible

    Breeding and Showing Westies since 1975.

    Contact Kay McGuire - or Bebe Pinter -

    Supporters of health clearances and C.H.I.C.

    "Breeding towards the healthy westie."

  • Reproduction Links

    Orthopedic Foundation for Animals -

    Company that stores frozen semen and offers in house progesterone kits -

    American Kennel Club -

    Company that stores frozen semen and they are excellent at handling the complicated task of shipping frozen semen to international countries...  

    Sirius Exports - 530-273-9123 OR

    Sires on Ice -  801-987-3639 OR OR

  • Tube feeding video for special needs puppies

    We have so many clients that want to learn how to tube feed puppies that are unable to suckle.

    Keri is amazing and an expert at tube feeding and raising special needs puppies.

    Dr. Smith and Keri found this great instructional video.